Huawei P20 Lite economy that combines power and attractive styling


Has become a large category of users are turning to phones economic, because the culture of buying a new smartphone changed a lot in the last few years, has been Huawei to offer a variety of smart phones to meet the needs of customers in different segments. A few weeks ago, Huawei announced the global launch of its phoneLite P20, which is characterized by and strong and the design extraordinary.

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“Keith Lee”, the Group’s Executive Director, Huawei the work of the consumer, saying, “We are always looking to offer smart phones to suit all categories of users, because this ensures them the best value of PPC compared to the potential forces that enjoy phones category Economic of Huawei, and this is what prompted us to design a telephone P20 Lite which is linked to the concept of phones economic due to potential cutting-edge.”

“That phone Huawei P20 Lite New is the first economical phone comes equipped with the Notch that is the technology age with the screen of smartphones, which are represented in the dialogue is less to display more content, which increased its acceptance among consumers to the point where as the main thrust in the sector of smart phones.”

The phone has the second version of the screen full width of the FullView 2.0 which is characterized by Huawei, is considered a revolutionary design to Notch the clearest example of the extent of the company’s attention to detail. The phone structure of the thin and small size with high-definition screen measured 5.84 inches aspect ratio 19:9, to enhance the possibility of its use in the hand.

It also features Huawei P20 Lite back with a dual lenses, accurately 16 megapixel and 2 megapixels, the front camera enjoy the benefits of professional photography to accurately 16 megapixel girl Lens f/2.0, with the effect of pictorial sophisticated as a property of Light Fusion, which operates on the perfect adaptation with the low lighting to improve the quality and brightness of selfies, and also to add character and beauty to the voice of portraiture. The phone also offers the experience of pictorial exceptional being a provider boards have the natural beauty that enhance the natural beauty and the impurities and defects of the face. The phone provides a feature optimized for facial capture facial details accurately (skin’s tone and texture and details of the face), and then modified, creating a normal picture in all lighting conditions. Moreover, the phone offers the style operating by the three-dimensionality of which depends 96-point discrimination and position on the face to adjust the level of lighting and improve the contours of the face.

The phone also features technology to identify three-dimensional faces, and cosmetic and personal image, along with image capture automatically with a gesture of the hand. In addition, the front camera of the Huawei P20 Lite transmitted in a selfie to another level of soul, thanks to a variety of intelligent algorithms.

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei P20 Lite provides the experience of using a reputable processor Kirin 659 eight-core speed 2.4 GHz with 4 GB of RAM and storage Memory 64 GB, in addition to the smart battery size of 3000 mAh with the previous version of feature energy saving, which is working to improve and prolong the life of the battery. While the internal settings for the phone in full conformance with the Android system oreo 8.0, which is in line with the user interface EMUI 8.0 from Huawei.

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