Huawei P20 Pro new up-market source, you know it

Group announced the Huawei the work of consumer Huawei, today announced the launch of the latest smart phones, the expected P20 Pro in the smartphone market source, which is expected to be the best smartphones and the most sophisticated in the world until the end of the year.

If tend phone Huawei P20 Pro is not limited to being the first smart phone comes with a camera background of the three lenses containing the largest number of real, and the strongest processors artificial intelligence a Kirin 970, but to achieve a new record by its sales in the markets of Western Europe after the launch of the phone in the global market one month only.

In addition, it has achieved the telephone P20 Pro the highest results in the tests of the platform, which is a website specialized in testing cameras and smart phones, where the results of the total characteristic as much as 109 ° – 114 points for the quality of the sound, and 98 points for the quality of the video clips, and finally receiving the award for ”Best photography via a smart phone” by the General Assembly awards the audio technical press (TIPA).

From his side Mr. “Keith Lee”, the Group’s Executive Director, Huawei the work of the consumer, saying, “We offer the experience of a leader and of Photography in Huawei P20 Pro, which establishes criteria and concepts of new and innovative photography with smart phones. Because it provides the most visible results even if the users of amateur or professional photography, the user needs only to pick and choose what you want to export, and the rest of the process will be completely ready thanks to the latest theories universally supported by the phone.”

The introduction of the Huawei P20 Pro, the Company announces the launch of new era of photography using a smartphone powered with artificial intelligence AI, where the camera works, supported by the artificial intelligence of the AI Master to provide the experience of a leading and highly sophisticated photography, by producing photographs professional-quality and easily large.

Depends Huawei P20 Pro the first smart phone in the global market currently comes with a camera background of the three lenses, which contain sensor 40 megapixel with Aperture Lens (f/1.8), the color sensor mono accurately 20-megapixel camera with Aperture Lens (f/ 1.6) to enhance the level of depth and enrich the structure of the shapes, as well as a sensor to record images accurately 8 megapixel with Aperture Lens (f/2.4). Depends sensor the last on the technology of optical image stabilization OIS, while the Has the sensor the other two on the property to install a supported audio artificial intelligence AIS.

The phone has a flanged thin-type FullView-Display inform the measurement by 6.1 inches. And phone levels of performance ultra without any lag in response, due to its dependence on random memory of 6 GB with offer 128 GB of storage built-in, where the phone depends on the Processor Kirin 970 eight-core, the unit of processing nervous NPU customized, user interface, EMUI 8.1 from Huawei, which operates in full conformance with the Android operating system oreo 8.1, to provide the experience of using the series fast.

And Huawei this time to provide her phone P20 pro battery intelligent with a capacity of 4000 mAh is enough for normal use for a period of two days, in addition to the phone support offer shipping high speed Super Charge.

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei P20 Pro is the first choice and ideal for users who are looking for the best smartphone camera on the market; not only because the phone obviating the need for the use of the camera professional, but to miss out on such cameras at some of the advantages and properties export.

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