Huawei P40 Pro includes parts of the U.S. in spite of the blacklist

The company is facing Huawei the use of components manufactured by American companies in the latest smart phones, leading (Huawei P40 Pro) although the United States listed Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the existing black Commercial Law Firm (list of entities), in accordance with the submission to the newspaper (Financial Times) Financial Times.

Launched Huawei a few days ago a series (Huawei P40), which is the latest lineup of phones, the company leading smart after the application of Washington penalties in the month of May, which barred American companies from dealing with Huawei unless you get a license to do so.

In the wake of the sanctions, forced the company Huawei, which accuses its management of Trump spying for Beijing, to find ways to replace the American Library, where they can no longer buy American products.

Dismantled newspaper Financial Times phone of the year (Huawei P40 Pro) and a phone last year (Huawei P30), issued by the U.S. sanctions, comparable, and make the process of disassembly by the company (XYZone), a Shenzhen-based company is the disintegration of the smart phones and component suppliers.

Used makers phones sometimes different components on different batches of the smartphone itself, the report pointed out the presence of some of the parts manufactured by American companies in the latest smart phone from Huawei, although the United States has banned all its companies to buy Chinese technology.

The production units of the front-end radio frequency phone (Huawei P40 Pro) by three companies-chip U.S. are: Qualcomm and (Skyworks) and (Qorvo), and modular front-end radiofrequency as important parts of the phone, which relate to the post, are required to make calls and connect to the internet.

He said (Dan Wang) Dan Wang, Analyst, technology research firm (Gavekal Krober): “showed a Huawei fan by replacing many of the American Library throughout the course the design of the phone itself, but continue to use their chip Qorvo and Skyworks shows that it is very difficult to break the dependence on US technology”.

Wang explained that the modular front-end radiofrequency is a form of the chip was analog, a sector in which the United States is still controlled, he added: “in the time in which to discuss the United States tightened sanctions on Huawei, you will be choosing a fan of the company more explicitly in the next year”.

Comes units of the front-end radio frequency bands for the past year (Huawei P30) from Qualcomm and (Skyworks) and (Qorvo), which also decreased the price of its shares because of the news of the U.S. sanctions against Huawei.

The list of entities that U.S. companies applying for a license for the export of any technologies of American origin to Huawei, and the US government has a general licence to temporarily buy, which allows no data to Huawei in order to help customers, such as telecommunications companies that may need to replace the parts of organs of the wireless.

But general license to a provisional does not include sales for the purpose of making new products, such as smart phone (Huawei P40 Pro), so, companies must seek to obtain licenses individually, not mention the United States Department of Commerce none of the companies granted the necessary license.

A spokesman for Huawei said the company always adhere to any regulations for the control of exports in different countries, including the United States, and that all materials get Huawei legally of global partners, we insist on working with our partners to provide consumers high quality products.

Changes include other notable disappearance of the company manufacturing the chips of America (Micron) Micron of (Huawei P40 Pro).

Manufactured Micron chip flash memory (NAND) for a pay phone last year (Huawei P30), and South Korea’s Samsung chip itself to defend the other, seems to be phone of the year (Huawei P40 Pro) has on chip flash memory (NAND) Samsung just.

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