Huawei patent for a smartphone featuring a hole in the screen for the earpiece


Screens with holes will most likely be prevalent, next in the smartphone market, after it turns out to us earlier this week that Samsung is planning to use this new type of screens in smart phones coming, and it turns out it now that Huawei is interested in using such screens in smart phones of the future, having been monitoring the recent patent office patents and trademarks in the United States of America phone smart the this design.

Interestingly, in the patent this is to customize the hole in the screen for the ear and not for the front camera. In fact, I didn’t mention the front camera at all in the patent, despite the fact that it was leaked design in the month of July presents us with a smartphone featuring a screen with a hole for the front camera and puts the earpiece on the top edge. Imagine this design also sensor fingerprint in the screen while it appears that the patent of these put that sensor below the camera in the backend.


Anyway, why are you the police a lot of effort for the earpiece? I tried some phones like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Original Use of the amplifiers of the piezoelectric put the headset behind the screen. However, it has been shown that the sound quality is very poor unlike the current solutions that offer an acoustic experience.



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