Huawei phone screen 7.1 inch cell of the skin

Through the end of August, we discovered the intention of the Huawei version release of different colors of Huawei P20 Pro, including a copy of the back of my skin, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 of 2013, and today, appeared two new phones of Huawei with the back of the skin on the body position of communications of China.

The device comes first by two black-and-white, where it seems that the phone is a customized version of the phone, Onur 8X Max with specification updated slightly.

As is the case with telephone Onur 8X Max, This is a huge phone that didn’t have a name yet comes with a 7.12-inch with the note, while the match up the specifications of the camera, the screen resolution and the dimensions of the phone, but the processor is different, where it quickly 1.95 is Hz, while the speed of the processor centre 636 does not interfere 1.8 is Hz.

As for the second phone that arrived to the body of communications of China, it may be an updated version of the Huawei Y9, which may come as Huawei Y10, where he holds the screen 6.5-inch with note accurately 2340×1080, with the rear camera double, and a processor eight cores at 2.2 right, which may be Kirin 710.

This usually appear like this information about the phones on the location of the body calls the Chinese before the time of the launch shortly, which means we’ll find more information about both phones over the next few weeks.

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