Huawei phones start displaying ads on the lock screen unexpectedly

هواتف هواوي تبدأ بعرض إعلانات على شاشة القفل بشكل مفاجئ

Started to users of the Huawei phones of yesterday to see some of the ads that appear on the lock screen, this ad was a surprise to many of them being not identified in advance, where the pictures shown in the background of the different regions and names locations in the majority of them centered around the flights and travel.

And what appears to be advertising a new way of Huawei to improve income, but at the same time give the option to the user to stop it or run it, so that if any user wanted to stop the appearance of ads on the lock screen you’ll have to go to Settings and then Home screen and background and then Journal the screen and turn off the playlist option.

Quite simply, advertising exists in one of the advantages of the Home screen that she was working on changing the background image every time he opens the phone user, and in case anybody wants to enjoy it will be forced on the ads otherwise you should stop it.

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