Huawei phones undesirable in stores Asian

Refuse to trade mobile phones in some Asian countries, the acceptance of organs of the company Huawei in trade, which requires more of consumers to get rid of their devices amid fears that the suspension of Google and its work with the Chinese company will give the services.

Google said: it will adhere to the executive order of the president of the U.S. Donald Trump on Huawei, this means that the chums of the current phones Huawei face in late August in anticipation for the Android operating system.

Will the new phones have access to common applications, such as Google Chrome, YouTube, C Download, and Google Search, and Google Play, the official Android apps platform.

Accordingly, it rushed to some customers in Singapore, and the Philippines, to sell Huawei phones, but there’s only a few who wish to take these phones, according to retailers and market data online.

Said Dylan en Dylan On, a Salesman in a store Wanying for retail sale in Singapore: if we bought something useless, how can we keep him, he added, “It’s not about that Huawei phones are bad, but no one wants to buy now due to the policy of the United States.”

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He explained that he is trying to sell shares in the company Huawei over the internet to overseas buyers in the hope that they will be less aware of current events

A spokeswoman for the Huawei: the company will continue to provide security updates and after-sales service for all their current products, from smartphones and tablets, including Huawei, Hunan, Honor.

The company noted earlier that it is developing its system for mobile phones, and still can use the version open-source of Android to have access to Google applications.

Despite high numbers of users who are trying to get rid of the devices Huawei in the continent of Asia, however the company introduced a new phone in Britain after days of the signing of the president’s executive order.

The vendor said in-store Mobile Square Singapore: in the past there were about five people requires a daily basis to replace their phone manufactured by Huawei, but the number jumped to 20 in the last two days.

Added the seller that he usually sees people waiting to replace their old phones with new ones manufactured by the same company, whereas now people want to replace their phones any phones from manufacturing companies other than Huawei.

Said carousel Carousell, the most popular market in the Singapore on the internet: the number of sales of Huawei phones has doubled in the day was the announcement of the executive order, the American.

Got Huawei’s market share amounted to 14 percent of the total Singaporean market for smartphones last year, according to data market research firm Canalys.

It seems many business phones in the Philippines also for the products of Huawei, said saleswoman phones in a shopping center Greenhills in Manila: we don’t accept Huawei phones because it will not be purchased by our customers, adding she was relieved for the sale of its phone Huawei P30 Pro before Google’s announcement.

He said the sales rep again in a shopping center Greenhills: she’s going to buy Huawei phones at a discount of up to 50 percent, because the sale of these phones would be a gamble.

But some believe that this is an opportunity to get a good phone at a cheap price, as said one of the persons from Singapore: my reaction was immediate concern that the device is Huawei’s current value, but Google clarified that users of Huawei phones current will not be affected, and I felt relieved after that.

Announced a Japanese telecom KDDI Corp and SoftBank SoftBank, they store the launch of the Huawei P30 Lite smartphone, which was scheduled to begin selling on Friday after the U.S. ban on the sale of the company U.S. technology to the Chinese technology giant.

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