Huawei plans to develop an alternative to the Android system crazy but it is necessary to

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Interface Huawei Huawei, the Chinese this year with great difficulties in respect of its business within the United States, it seems that things have worsened last week, when the Ministry of Justice initiated an investigation with China Telecom giant hardware manufacturing because of the allegations of violating U.S. sanctions against Iran, which may lead to the prevention of the use of technology and services to us, including a chip Qualcomm Qualcomm and a range of Google services and the Android platform.

The newspaper South China morning post the South China Morning Post recently that Huawei has an alternative plan in relation to that, which is the development of its own operating system, as the information indicates that Huawei is working on a local alternative for Android and iOS iOS since 2012, following an investigation by the United States with Huawei and ZTE, and adds that the existence of an alternative operating system for smartphones may become more urgent for China with the increasing trade tensions with the United States.

It seems that talking about it has appeared to the public with the police know the Chinese competition ZTE to hold US sanctions as a violation of its prohibition of export and sale of hardware and telecommunications equipment illegally to Iran and North Korea, so they are likely to lose company ZTE a license to use the Android operating system for smartphones from Google, making this is a reality check for the aspirations of China’s technology.

As noted by the press, these things may pay towards owning China’s system of operating its own as a backup, so that the new operating system designed to work on phones and tablet computers, but it never saw the light of day because it does not have the capabilities of the Android platform, and has many applications developed by the developers of third parties, where it seems crazy at this time building another platform compete with Android and iOS.

The idea came to design a system run by the founder and President of Huawei Ren Zhengfei, and did not abandon him to the police at all, because it is seen as an investment strategy to prepare for the “worst cases”, in an interview on the sidelines of the Conference of the online world to the mobile phone in Beijing, pointed out Zhao Ming, President of the company Honor, a brand manufacturer of smart phones of Huawei, what if the company you are developing own operating system, if this is the issue of the capacity and necessity, there is no doubt that Huawei is able to do so, But in the meantime, I don’t think it is necessary because we work closely with Google, we will continue to use the Android system.

The software giant Microsoft has tried it through the system operating Windows Phone Windows Phone but it failed, as the BlackBerry system, the BlackBerry OS has also finished in 2016, in addition to the failure of the operating system tizen Tizen OS backed by the giant South Korean Samsung.

The company said in its reply to the enquiry “do not have Huawei plans to launch own operating system in the foreseeable future, we focus on the products that are supported by Android operating system”, owns Huawei is one of the largest budgets for research in the field of technology, where I spent $ 14.2 million last year on research and development, or 14.9 percent of revenues, making its analysis in the third after the Amazon, and the rate of spending on research and development higher than the rate of spending the company the parent company Google.

Given the series of problems faced by Huawei in bringing its products to the United States in 2018 alone, it would seem that a backup plan is not that crazy, since in addition to achieving the Ministry of Justice, the company has lost a great deal in the month of January due to pressure from Congress, where it was possible to be selling its phones in a U.S. market through the company services mobile and AT&T.

Warned later the heads of six agencies the risks of of American consumers to buy phones the police because of the risk of theft of information users and trade them for the benefit of China and obtain a position of strength in communications infrastructure in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped Huawei from trying, as he said, Richard Yu Richard Yu, CEO of consumer business, and he’s still eager to win the confidence of the United States and provide world class products and there.


Huawei plans to develop an alternative to the Android system crazy, but necessary

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