Huawei plans to focus in the field of computers and cars with control

He said a high-ranking officer in the company “Huawei” Chinese, on Wednesday, the company will intensify its work in the global market for PCs, explained the deputy chairman of the board, Ken is, that this strategy relies on the expectation that the “computing with the stunning” would be necessary at the point in time at which the world’s reliance on technology and futuristic complex into such as artificial intelligence and self-control.

He said during a tech conference in Shanghai: “we have a lot of challenges, and we need to strengthen computer and explore engineering and to develop new treatments to meet the needs of people in all scenarios”.

And Huawei is already the world leader in the field of telecom network equipment, and a second processor for smartphones, is expected to dominate the networks of the fifth generation ultra-high-speed in the future.

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