Huawei postpone the launch Mate X folding until September

Still smart phones folding is not ready to launch in the market, and after that Samsung has decided to postpone the launch of her phone, so did Huawei with the Mate X, especially that of its high price ($2600) and the first foldable phone of the company.

Huawei announced about Mate X in February was expected to launch in the markets in June, but now postponed until September in order to conduct more tests on it to ensure the good operation of the applications in my case folding and, according to an official spokesperson of the company.

Rest assured Huawei that the decision to postpone the launch of the Mate of X is not because of the American-imposed embargo on the export because the phone has been announced before the ruling the embargo. This confirms that it will be running Android and will receive updates as it should.

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