Huawei postpone the launch of its phone rollaway again

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هواوي تؤجل اطلاق هاتفها القابل للطي مرة اخرىHuawei postpone the launch phone it folding again.

Huawei postpone the launch phone it folding again.

It was planned that the launches of Huawei’s sales of the phone by first folding Mate X in the month of last June, the company announced that it has postponed the launch to next September.

Today we have a new postponement of the company delivered a new generator from September to November, and if this material is new executable or not .

Huawei revealed her phone rollaway in the month of February last, and was priced at $ 2600 to become the most expensive phone in the history of the company.

Samsung in turn stumbled in the launch date her phone rollaway (Galaxy Fuld) more than once, and did not see the light of day until the moment of editing this news .

And the Chinese company in the event the technique of one of the Chinese cities it hopes to launch the phone in November to meet the holiday season in Europe and raped the countries of the world.

Recall that the processor device is one of the processors Huawei Kirin 980, it features two batteries with a capacity of 4500 Ms amps and the charger 55W Huawei fast, which will be the phone to 85% in 30 minutes!

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