Huawei prepares to launch first foldable phone by Samsung!

Seek Samsung to launch first smartphone foldable, with flexible screen entirely, in early 2019, probably before the MWC conference 2019 the same, this will be the phone is the first of its kind where you can fold the phone in half by a single screen flexible and not two separate screens, as I tried some companies before.

But will This be really the first phone or is there another company seeking to get the title of the first smart phone folding?

We spotted you in the topics of the previous plans of Huawei, Apple, and even LG to manufacture the foldable phone, but both Apple and LG have decided to move away from the lead, but Huawei is still a distinct chance to get the title of the maker of the first smartphone folding, where a new report from market analysts, that the Chinese company is seeking to launch a smart phone retractable by a Samsung product, what means the issuance near the end of this year!

Maybe unlock Huawei phone by folding in recent months to 2018, analysts say that the new phone from Huawei will be produced in limited quantities just like the plan of Samsung with phone by the folding, as to the price of the phone not much different from the price of $ 1500 available for phone Samsung.

The companies are to offer these new phones to a limited number of lovers of modern technology who want to get the revolutionary technologies before anyone else, is planning on anyone to get such a phone?

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