Huawei prepares to launch first phone with 5G in the second half of 2019

In the tech world things are moving faster than you think, at the end of last year are already talking about 5G, and its connection speed did not know before. And now you know Huawei for the first Smart Phone with 5G of production.

The company announced the Chinese about their plans to launch the first smart phone supporting to provide the fifth generation in the second half of next year 2019, this declaration came in the presentation to the company about its future plans reviewed Huawei among the top analysts of the global annual held in Shenzhen, South East China.

هواوي تستعد لإطلاق هاتف 5G

According to follow the company, you will work Huawei on the launch of the first wireless hotspot Wi-Fi Hotspot supportive networks of the fifth generation, before the launch of the new phone.

Expected to adopt a new phone and a Wireless Portable chip modem designed by Huawei to improve the speed of the 5G, so after that I know the Huawei for modem chip Balong 5G01 at the World Conference phones this year MWC 2018, which is likely to be used by the company to support the networks of the fifth generation.

Finally, given the schedule of your Huawei, if things are as usual, and the company phone Mate 20 this year, it will be Mate 30 is Phone.

You can learn more on 5G ‘ see on this subject the previous of here .

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