Huawei preparing to announce the device MatePad Pro tablet on the 25th of November

Published Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s teaser on Weibo, determines the 25 of November for a conference to unveil your Mate, where it is expected to provide Huawei device MatePad Pro.

The monitoring device Huawei tablet MatePad Pro in a variety of leaks over the past period, has identified the Chinese supercomputer scheduled to launch its next conference in Shanghai to announce the new device.

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I have appeared teaser with the word Mate, so the expectations refer to the plans of Huawei to the official announcement MatePad Pro who served a group of leaks recently.

Also did not disclose the Huawei official on the device specification MatePad Pro, except that the monitoring device already in the leaks, the photographer provided a clear look at the design of the tablet, which comes with a camera wallpaper with double LED flash, with full control of the front in the hole of the screen.

By pointed out some leaks to that device MatePad Pro tablet featuring processor, Huawei’s new Kirin 990, also comes memory random 8 GB RAM, also expected to apply the device of Revelation the number 4 of the choices in colors between black, white, green along with orange.

I’m counting on MatePad Pro in 3C, a charger with capacity of 40W with Fast shipping, is also expected to be provided by Huawei during the event version last to by the Pro version.


I know of

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