Huawei preparing to launch the phone Mate X with a capacity of 512GB

While Huawei to launch a series P20 next week, they work on the first Smart Phone with a capacity of internal storage of 512 gigabytes of address space according to a Chinese source.

Included smart phone from Huawei at the site TENAA number model NEO-AL00 memory 6 gigabytes RAM 512 gigabytes of storage capacity, and the fact that there had been a review of these specifications by the site confirms that the specifications mentioned is not a typographical error.

Despite owning the Huawei solutions for the data storage devices allocated to the institutions, it should be a factory for the production of storage capacities of mobile phones as well as their lack to deliver upon their selves 512 gigabytes of address space, which means that the phone is in front of us Supports storage solutions from Samsung or Huawei are in the final stages of developing a technology for the production of these memories.

The largest storage capacity in Huawei phones current there in my phone Mate 9 ÙˆMate 10 version of “the Porsche”, so the first phones brand China’s support of the storage capacity of 512 gigabytes will be the version of Mate X or the version of the “Porsche” of it most likely, and announced in the last quarter of the year.

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