Huawei provides update EMUI 9.1 users series phones EMUI 9.1 Upgrade for HUAWEI Mate 20

Revealed Huawei, a giant of the technology world, the launch of the updated EMUI 9.1 new phones HUAWEI Mate 20 وMate 20 Pro وMate 20 X وPorsche Design Mate
20 RS, and users of these models to the four main shopping currently to get the new update.
Features update EMUI 9.1 the inclusion on the system EROFS extended developer files readable, which is the ability of his
Improved WinZip, the performance is better and faster by 20% in the random read. It also includes تحديثEMUI 9.1 new
Upgrade processing unit graphics fast and modern GPU Turbo to Version 3.0, which will support the use of 25 the game
Different, improve the performance significantly and reduce battery consumption, thus delivering a gaming experience more stable rate of frames
Higher and more consistent and efficient. As the updated EMUI 9.1 the use of the style perception of the Moon ’Moon modem‘ (moon mode) in
Phones Mate 20 Pro وMate 20 X, which ensures users to capture better images of the moon depending on the property of the doctor
High-tech cameras ’Leica‘ triple. Besides, will include the update property to "Customize videos for incoming calls", which
You will place the ringing tone conventional. Where users can choose videos and customize Keren contacts different
To be displayed when you receive calls.
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An update is EMUI 9.1 new phones Huawei Mate 20 وMate 20 Pro وMate 20 X وPorsche
Design Mate 20 RS; it will be available for other models soon, where you’ll learn Huawei about it immediately.
Before installing the new update, please read the following precautions:
1. Some of the apps of third parties are not compatible with the Android operating system 9.0 and may not work correctly after you install
New update. As May marks the user the occurrence of deadlock and stops working or the battery consumption faster. Can
Notes these problems by updating all apps via the Google Play Store.
2. Make sure that your phone will enjoy the full powers of the basic user
3. You must face the internal storage space of not less than 6 GB, otherwise it will not install the new update successfully. To find out the size of the space
The remaining storage on your smartphone, please go to: Settings> Storage.
4. You must ensure that the current version of the smartphone is the basic version (version of the original program). (See copy system EMUI
Currently existing on your smartphone, please follow the following steps: move to Settings> System> About phone. In case you haven’t
Not interface EMUI running key in your smartphone, you should update by going to Settings> System> Update
Program> Check for updates.)
It is worth mentioning that this update will be available for Porsche Design Mate 20 RS and Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro
وMate 20 X and Nova 3e and P Smart and Y9 2018 in June, also phones P20 and P20 Pro and
Porsche Design Mate RS and Mate 10 Mate 10 Pro and Y6 Prime 2019 and Nova 4 and Nova 3
By next July, also phones P10 and P10 Plus and Porsche Design Mate 9 وMate 9 وMate 9 Pro and
Nova 3i وP30 Lite and Y9 Prime 2019 وY9 2019 and Y5 2019 in August next.
If your smart phone is one of the phones mentioned above, can be used to apply HiCare to connect and get the update
And enjoy the experience system EMUI 9.1 new.

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Steps to update via the app:
Application HiCare  application

Basic information about update EMUI 9.1
System EMUI 9.1: enjoy life, high quality

In light of the substantial convergence between the digital life and realism, it is the users expect from smart phones and operating systems provide them
Experience a specialized high efficiency and keep pace with their preferences. Features update EMUI 9.1 themes and icons have been redesigned
Innovative, in addition to enhanced performance, and advanced technology, which offers users a unique experience and high quality, fit
All operating scenarios based on the possibilities of artificial intelligence.
Sophisticated technology and multi-generational
1. System read the file EROFS new
Huawei continues its innovations in the field of smart phone operating systems, working on improving the Android operating system is
Gradual to ensure the best levels of performance to users. In 2016, Huawei announced about the design of the file system F2FS
A place in the system of EXT4 in system EMUI 5.1 that was released in conjunction with the launch of the series phones, Huawei Mate
9. This has contributed to the file system F2FS in improving the response speed by 20%. The EXT4 file system the traditional and the user
In the operating system ’Linux Cairns‘ is a suitable option for tablets mechanical hard old, while the design of the file system to F2FS
Specially those the flash; ensures excellent performance of read-write memory flash even after a long time.
Says system read file F2FS change the hash storage area (equivalent to the disk D in computers) operating system
Android. For EMUI 9.1 the new, it continued to Huawei’s work on the development of the file system again, to become
The first to use the system EROFS in the division of the memory space of the system (equivalent to the C drive in the computer). This ensures that
Change to provide the following improvements at the level of performance of smart phones:
 Higher performance random read rate of 20% as average, and 300% maximum.
 Greater speed in running apps – top speed increased by 10% in the scenarios run thick performance graphics.
 Provide additional storage space: the ram the system running the distance does not exceed 2 GB
 Notes the problem of rigid frames, the resulting image from data read duplicate and uncompress the files, so when the
Not enough memory.
 Additional levels of security: the system is designed EROFS read-only; they cannot be re-distributed storage system
By a third party, which ensures more safety in use.
2. Graphics processing unit GPU Turbo 3.0 gaming experience amazing
Think series phones P30 the first of its kind that supports the processing unit the graphics fast and modern GPU Turbo 3.0, the
Which can improve the gaming experience significantly, supporting the operation of 25 of famous games, in addition to the requirements of the lovers
Rival games. As these monsters play games online with frames almost complete. On the other hand, the function
Table of supported audio artificial intelligence to soften the sharp edges in images, and improve the level of clarity in the environments
Dark, in addition to imparting the details are vibrant, the graphics, improve the visual experience for users of the games.

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