Huawei reaffirms on the launch of the phone Mate X in September

Confirmed Vincent Pang president of Huawei company in the west of Europe in his statements recently, that Huawei will launch its phone rollaway Mate X during the month of September, to be released in the cities that enjoy the change of networks 5G.

Company Huawei has been noted during the past period to their plans to postpone the launch of the phone Mate X until the month of September, where the company explained the reason for this postponement to conduct further tests on the phone before the official launch in the markets and users.

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And again came the statements of the president of Huawei in western Europe region today confirmed the launch date of the phone during the month of September, however, pointed out that the reason for the delay is due not to the spread of networks of the fifth generation, he also stressed that this delay is not due to the ban of the administration.

Also scheduled to stop phone Mate X in the markets and regions which enjoy coverage networks of the fifth generation, but that these markets will include the United States market certainly, as emphasized by Vincent Pang that the phone will be running landed.


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