Huawei reduce the impact of MERS-CoV on the sales of its phones

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Reduced company Huawei from the impact of the spread of MERS-CoV on the sales of its smart phones, as the largest manufacturer of phones in China is optimistic about the impact of the virus, which has spread to a decline in the smart phone industry as a whole.

Has warned Apple that they expect a decline in revenue due to closures of factories and shops, while Samsung, the largest manufacturer of phones in the world, less affected at the current time due to the transfer of about half of its production to Vietnam.

Huawei is considered the second largest manufacturer of phones in all over the world, having overtaken Apple in terms of number of units shipped (Samsung is the largest).

Reduced the executive director in Huawei (Ryan Ding) Ryan Ding of the effect of the virus on the fortunes of the company in a statement sent this week to the website Business Insider, saying: “We are still conducting a daily evaluation, but we can say: it’s three months or the next six, there will be no significant impact on the global supply chain”.

Approved ding the closure of the factories in the city of Wuhan located in Hubei province, but he explained that the interests of Huawei in Guangdong, the province adjacent to the, has now reopened, however did not resume some of the factories in Wuhan after.

According to the current situation, The our assessment is that there will be no significant impact on the ability of our supply chain and our in the near future, according to the statements of Deng.

Said Tee (Carolina Milanesi) Carolina Milanesi: “given the extent of the adoption of Huawei and other brands taken from China based on supply chain, I find it difficult to believe that the work normally as usual.”

She added: “Not Owning a Huawei plant in Hubei province is not the issue, but the problem lies in the number of people who travelled to the province and they are now unable to return to work, in addition to the case of the closure of many of the cities that the implementation of which will affect the performance of the Huawei”.

The analyst said (Thomas Haas) Thomas Husson of company Forrester: “the business of Huawei has been related to the decline of the largest of the work of Apple, given that the Chinese company owns a bigger share in the Chinese market, where the affected quarantine procedures and restrictions on consumer behavior”.

It seems hard to believe that the sales of Huawei will not be affected due to MERS-CoV, as the police have a greater presence in China than Apple, China accounts for more than 50 percent of its sales, even if China ranked the virus within a few weeks, it would take from two months to three months to return operations to normal.

The gate Arab News Technical Huawei reduce the impact of MERS-CoV on the sales of its phones

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