Huawei request the registration of the name of the operating system Hongmeng as a brand

In a step that looks established growing for the alternative, asked the Chinese giant Huawei from the authorities in the beer record the name of the operating system of our Hongmeng as a brand of its own.

She said the organization of Indecopi is responsible for the protection of competition and anti-monopoly in the beer that Huawei has applied for trademark registration on the day of the 27th of May, i.e. a few days after the United States put the company on the list of entities that must request approval from the American authorities before dealing with them and provide products and services.

It asked the authorities in Peru from Huawei more information and details before the registration of the brand officially for it, free for up to nine months to assess the desired. In beer 5.5 million phones Huawei out of the 32 million people the number of their total population.

This step is precautionary does not necessarily mean that Huawei intends to launch its own operating system as an alternative to Android, but it’s a step in backup plan alternative, and is likely to be Huawei may also bring in other countries to register the trademark mentioned in its name.

In an interview earlier, the executive director of the consumer sector in Huawei’s Richard Yu confirmed that the company has its operating system reserves you may have to use it in case were to prevent her from using the Android operating system.

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