Huawei reveal personal assistant to Celia and video calls MeeTime!

Within the event detection series P40 New, revealed the Chinese giant on the achieved on the level of software, perhaps the most notable aspect revealed by Huawei at all is two of the most important alternatives to the apps and services Google, namely the application of the personal assistant to Celia and the application of video calls MeeTime.


The application of Celia – intelligent personal assistant and alternate assistant Google

Details about personal assistant Celia still away, but here we are in front of the application of the Intelligent Personal Assistant which will support the languages English, French and Spanish mainly, as explained Huawei the rules of the new personal will be able to cope with all the tasks beginning from the simple ones to those that need the capabilities of artificial intelligence.


The application of MeeTime – application voice and video calls

The second application disclosed by the company is applying the MeeTime, this app will be an alternative to all of the Google Duo to Android as well as FaceTime on the iPhone! Here he shows us how attention to Huawei to establish direct replacements for all services provided by the company and technical giant even Apple which has no problems with it! It seems that this is going to achieve Huawei company level on the one hand software applications and even users on the lack of Google apps.

As for the application of MeeTime is supporting the voice and video calls as video calls will be available with up to FHD which is the quality characteristic for this type of apps, also this app will share screen content with other phones as it may provide broadcast video to a large number of friends and fans at the same time!

What do you think? Do you think that Huawei is capable of making its way without Google completely? Knowing this to phones P40 only come with the store AppGallery your do have!

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