Huawei said that waiting for users from Russia because of U.S. sanctions

The sanctions that the U.S. imposed on Huawei, forbidding her the use of Android and Google services, has delayed the launch of several smartphones in the Russian market. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to the letter that Huawei sent to domestic retailers. From this it follows that the Chinese company may refuse to launch at least one new device, but it intends to provide support for all current and future users.

The smartphone, whose start sales in Russia is under question, is Honor Nova 5. Despite this, the final decision on the new product has not yet been made, said Huawei. At the moment, the company consults with Google on the future of the Nova 5, so, obviously, there will be a smartphone in Russia or not, will largely depend on Google. However, what the issue is on the agenda at Huawei and search giant sources of “Kommersant” close to the situation, do not open.

What about Huawei

In addition, the very uncertain fate of the latest Honor Honor 20 and 20 Pro that Huawei was presented the week before in London. According to interlocutors of “Kommersant, most likely, the smartphone will appear in the Russian retail in November. However, the very Huawei denies that the launch of the line Honor 20 will be delayed significantly so. However, the company did not call the timing of the release of new products, so we would recommend to focus on late summer — early autumn.

In General, the main purpose of which Huawei is pursuing right now is to get out of this situation with minimal losses recognized in the company. That is, in fact, the Chinese admit that to have no losses, most likely, will not work. Another question, what would be the losses. But given the financial and technical capabilities of Huawei, we tend to believe that most of what you will have to endure the users of smartphones of the brand, is the lack of updates until mid-2020.

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