Huawei says it does not work with the Chinese Army after the appearance of the report say that their employees are doing so

Huawei Company

I’ve always been the conviction of Huawei by the U.S. government to work with the Chinese government through exploitation of its organs and its sports in the field of manufacturing equipment call for favour of the latter, but you always say Huawei refuted these accusations, it is determined now also. According to the director of legal affairs at Huawei, it has the clearest network CNBC recently that the company Huawei do not have any projects approved by the company with the Chinese army, they do not create special products to be used by the armed forces in the country.

This comes after reported news agency Bloomberg earlier that, based on public documents, the staff in the company Huawei with different sections in the people’s Liberation Army of China in different sectors, of interest to artificial intelligence and wireless communications. But the director of legal affairs at Huawei denied the existence of any official business with the people’s Liberation Army of China.

On this subject, stated Chief Legal Officer, the first in the company of Huawei, Mr. Song Liuping said : ” As far as I know, we don’t have projects of the military cooperation because we are a company dedicated to providing communications systems solutions and information and communications technology for civil use“, and added : ” I understand that we don’t have any projects related to the category of military cooperation. As we do not allocate to products or solutions for all “.

The report of the poor had mentioned earlier that there are at least 10 games in the last decade the work of the staff of the company Huawei with units of the Chinese military, and one of these initiatives includes the extraction of emotions in the comments of the video on the internet and classified, according to the report. The report said further that the information was collected by taking a look at the research papers available to the public which have been identified the authors as employees in the company Huawei.


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