Huawei says that the phone is dead X is not yet ready for market

We are now in the fifth month since the announcement was made phone Mate X for the first time in the event the MWC however, throughout this period did not launch the phone to avoid the problem of urbanization and also due to the scandals that exposed the Galaxy Fold.

Said He Gang, director of sales operations for the consumer in Huawei and specifically in the Department of smartphones that Huawei is still in the stages of improving and developing the telephone dead X this statement can be understood implicitly that the phone is not ready for launch at the present time.

He said He also said: “Everyone must know that Huawei cares about quality more than anything else, but it happened and we found that the quality of the device does not allow us to launch the markets won’t do it”(adapted)

Can you explain us this article that Huawei may delay the phone, they saying comforting where it is and what we can expect excellent quality for the phone, also we can note that the company hinting about the Samsung whole due to the launch of the beta version like Fuld in early.

Mentioned He also said: “We invested significantly in a dead phone X we don’t care about the materials that the Samsung product photo where we won’t ask for your phone only if it would be a revolution in terms of specifications and performance and also must care about the user experience” (adapted)

Recall that the phone is dead X may be repeated to launch in September along with said the taxi bore.. what are your expectations?

Source: GSMArena | source Chinese

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