Huawei shipped million smartphones running HongMeng

It seems that Huawei is moving quickly to prepare to launch its own operating system, because the Chinese technology giant has shipped a million smart phone operating system the new HongMeng according to the latest reports.

The company shipped smart phones equipped with the system for the test, said one of the officials in the company in the Chinese media that the system will be made available to the public early in the next fall or spring.

Reports indicated that the company began to develop its own operating system in 2012, which replace the Android system of Google, is compatible with smartphones, tablets, TVs, cars and smart devices removable poncho, while it is reported that the engineers from Huawei and studied the systems Android and iOS for them before begin to develop their own system.

Able to the main problem of Huawei and its new in the ability to gain market share, while Android and iOS dominate about 99.9% of the market, according to Gartner in the last year.

Source: chinadaily

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