Huawei: smartphone sector of the medium category recorded sustained growth

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Passes the market is currently in transition with the advent of changes in customer behavior compared to that in the previous stage, today we are witnessing a decline in the wave of excessive extravagance, which began to give way to the new era is characterized by the adoption of purchasing decisions studied, a shift that we started in the smart phone sector also.

Despite the fact that luxury appliances from the elite class still retains its popularity, the smartphone category is expected to register growing rapidly in attracting customers, who are interested in the idea of getting high quality hardware innovations and unique at affordable prices.

The users of smart phones are there, they set their sights more and more to the category available for the acquisition devices to achieve a balance between advanced features and competitive prices, and expect to get the latest innovations and inventions without having to pay huge costs, which they demand by providing devices of high quality in terms of technical performance and user experience, and affordable.

And the Huawei is a typical example of this view, where the logo in enriching the lives of customers and meet their needs through modern technology, and boasts the Chinese company its profound commitment to research and development, which spent more than US $ 45 million over the past ten years, to determine its place on the list marks the first ten in the world in this area.

As one of the leading brands specialized in the smart phone world, offering Huawei an exceptional range of handsets developed under luxury category, for example series phones it 10, only that the mark at the same time recognizes the importance of the middle class achieved a level, so they provide a wide range of devices in this sector, as a string of phones Nova.

Has become the Nova series Huawei synonymous with the advantages of the camera model, which allows functions to meet the requirements of professional photography, to obtain stunning images even in shooting conditions non-ideal, one of the most important advantages of Photography in this series the large number of lines in the camera images of the front and rear, The property adjustment example with poor lighting, and save face in selfies and profile picture, to capture the image automatically with a gesture of the hand, all these advantages offered by the series at a reasonable price.

Has achieved the Huawei Nova 2 Plus, which was launched by the company mid last year, exceptionally popular in the Saudi market, to include further evidence of the great demand that bring phones category available in general.

Given this increase in demand for smart phones from the category average, we expect to see the launch of more phones of this category and the various brands during the current year.

Huawei: smartphone sector of the medium category recorded sustained growth

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