Huawei start sending requests to the developers to publish their apps in the App Store its

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Late last month, rocked the news that Google pulled the license Android from Huawei, the Technical Community. Since then, we have seen suppliers of ingredients and manufacturers of chips and processors they cut off their business relationships with the Chinese police. These conditions have forced Huawei to speed up the process of developing its own operating system and of their substitute private for the Google Play Store. If a company wants to survive without Google, we must make sure that the smart phones can have access to the full application. To this end, the company continues to send requests to the developers of apps the Google Play Store to distribute their apps in the store AppGallery affiliate of the company which comes in advance with the phones Huawei.

The developer reliable and does not wish to not to disclose his identity to publish an email received from the company Huawei. The letter was e-invite that developer to publish applications on the store Huawei AppGallery, an app store that the company Huawei in the message that contains the ” 270 million monthly active users ” more than ” 350 million phone “. The letter E-to provide developers ” the full support ” to help them publish their apps on the store for Huawei AppGallery, but it is unclear what type of support which will be provided to developers. Finally, the e-mail message to invite a free to join community of developers skips 560 Alf member, although we don’t know how active this community actually.

There is nothing surprising send Huawei this e-message to developers of apps on the Google Play Store, I’ve seen Amazon do the same step several years ago to convince developers to publish their apps on the Amazon AppStore own. However, the timing of sending these requests to the developers interesting for trade restrictions last American to Huawei the most recent report from news agency Bloomberg that explains strategy, Store apps for Huawei outside of China.


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