Huawei started to incorporate ads into your smartphones

It seems there is nothing more irritating than advertising. But if you accept its existence on the Internet and on television, in General, it is possible, its appearance in the firmware of the smartphone ensures a permanent bad mood for the owner. Fortunately, advertising on smartphones is still the exception rather than the rule, and therefore manufacturers whose machines show advertising, you can count on your fingers. That’s just lately for some reason becoming more and more.

Users of smartphones Huawei has complained of the appearance of advertisements in the firmware of some models. According to them, ads can be seen on the lock screens Huawei P30, P30, Pro, P20, P20 Pro, P20 & Honor Lite 10. However, since Huawei yet, obviously, just testing a new way to monetize branded devices, ads users can see from the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany and South Africa.

Advertising in smartphones

Despite the fact that advertising in any form is a controversial method of monetization of smartphone, we must pay tribute. Unlike Xiaomi, Huawei did not build into the firmware banner ads, and more native. In fact, Huawei just changed the screensaver on the lock screen branded smartphones on the ad from the hotel booking service which, admittedly, looks quite relaxed.

What to do with smartphones Huawei

It is difficult to say whether the embedding of advertising in the firmware of Huawei smartphones with the problems that the company faced because of U.S. sanctions. Most likely, the Chinese have long worked through a similar monetization model, and therefore, most likely, would she, regardless of any factors. Another thing is that the advent of advertising can only reinforce users confidence that devices from Huawei need to get rid of and do it as soon as possible.

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