Huawei stresses on bringing the feature of dual recording video in phones P30

Before the official announcement of the Huawei phones next P30 Pro وP30, the company confirmed on some of the details in the technique of the camera for the new versions, supporting both phones feature dual recording video, to one of the cameras filming the scene, while the camera other to zoom in on a specific point in the scene while recording video, with the screen during video recording.

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro will shoot dual camera video

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Came to new leaks about the phones P30 via the site Huawei official in Singapore, has also been confirmed the display of the Huawei request the first purchase, where he is scheduled to get users when they request the purchase of the phone on the 6th of April on the new version of the hours Huawei Smart Watch GT besides speakers JBL Clip 2 sound, also scheduled to come view the coast smart Council in the markets of Europe.

On the other hand, is expected to apply to the two phones to choose in the colors of the gradient, with the technology featured in the cameras and photography night or in low light, with the technique of Dual-View Video Recording.

Also come Technology Dual-View in the video recording later with the update for the software on the Huawei phones, where works on the screen between the two cameras the background in the video recording, where one is to focus on a specific point in the scene and her, between the support Cable other car video recording of the scene integrated.

Recall that the full control of P30 include a sensor SuperSpectrum accurately 40 mega pixel camera, which supports photography shots with super high ISO, and video recording in low-light efficiently, it also comes phone P30 Pro with full control of Brazil’s capacity to support the zoom hybrid even 10 times, to the side of the OIS sensor ToF.


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