Huawei support phone Mate X 5G chip processor Kirin 990 with a sensor of 40 megapixels

Using Huawei unlock her phone rollaway Mate X is between the months of September to November, after having conducted the Chinese giant some modifications to the design of the phone, and in the new leaks point out that Huawei make phone Mate X 5G at the rate of their new Kirin 990.

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The company postponed the Huawei launch phone Mate X to the market to perform tests on the efficiency of the design of the phone, and then the company makes some minor adjustments in exterior design.

He pointed out Vincent Pang president of Huawei in western Europe during the financial period to the company’s plans to launch her phone rollaway Mate X 5G in the month of September, however a report published recently suggested that the launch date of the phone between the months of September to November.

On the other hand, today disclosed the new details in the configuration of the phone Mate X 5G internal, with Chip phone Huawei headquarters official announcement in September, Kirin 990, which supports the chain Mate 30 also this year.

It also features phone Mate X sensor RYYB accurately 40 mega pixel camera, a lens of f/1.6, which is the sensor with the user in the telephone P30 Pro, so we expect the Access version of the first Huawei phones folding of the markets.


I know of

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