Huawei Technology Partner of the Forum Media Egypt

Participated “Huawei Egypt”, as a technology partner in the middle of the flags of Egypt, organized by the media club with the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute, in its first version, under the title “media and the era of post-information.. step forward”, held on 28 and 29 October 2018.

Saw suite Huawei a large turnout of audience which is keen on the participation of the company’s products, which put forward recently in the Egyptian market; comes Huawei’s attention to participate in the forum notification of Egypt, to emphasize the importance of their role in Egyptian society.

For its part, has indicated Huawei’s happiness under the auspices of the first session of the conference of the Egyptian media, he said the halo trend, Sector Head of the government relations and strategic partnerships with Huawei Technologies, Egypt. “Represents the Egyptian media is an important pillar in the formation of the community awareness and knowledge transfer of Huawei’s attention to be a partner technology for this important event which is held for the first time in Egypt, and a forum for exchange of experiences and professionally.

She added:”caring for Huawei confirms once again the attention to be investment in the Egyptian market, and the important role played by the media, and the ability of the synergy between media and technology in promoting availability and access to the public on the different platforms to different devices”.

The organization of the forum in partnership with Al-Watan newspaper and a number of Egyptian newspapers and media outlets and International, are the newspapers Al-Ahram and news and, website CareerBuilder, the site of night of Korra, site preparation, channel DMC, channel TEN, also participate in the forum of journalists of the institutions of international information, such as the BBC, journalists from the television, the German, and the New York Times, France 24, the regulatory authority British media (of the pile) next to the company “Huawei” as a technology partner.

Referred to to media Club, is a project of the Institute (DEDI), which is organized in cooperation between the governments of Egypt and Denmark, funded from the Arab partnership programme the Danish DAPP was established DEDI in 2004, the primary task of the institute is to: enhance understanding of the political, social and cultural development between Denmark and Egypt, as well as strengthening the interaction between Europe and the Arab world.


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