Huawei the actions that the operating system Hong Ming is not a substitute for Android!

After months of uproar caused by the operating system Hong-Ming Huawei’s new, who took the title of alternative Android before even advertising it, came Huawei’s remarks shocking that the Hongmeng is not a substitute for Android!

هواوي تصرح أن نظام تشغيل هونج مينج ليس بديلاً للأندرويدHuawei the actions that the operating system Hong Ming is not a substitute for Android

According to Chinese news reports (Xinhua) stated the speaker of the briefing for “Catherine Chen” told reporters in Brussels yesterday that the operating system Hong Ming is not designed for smart phones, and Huawei plans to continue to use the Android system in its phones next.

Comes this remark after similar comments last week by the chairman of the board of directors Liang Hua, who said in comments published by TechNode that “Huawei has not yet decided whether it can develop the operating system Hongmeng as the operating system for smart phone in the future.”!

This new attitude adopted by Huawei comes after weeks of talks, a Chinese American in the top twenty, which was announced in U.S. president Blifting of the ban on Huawei said that Huawei should buy the ingredients that you need from American companies as long as it does not harm the national security of his country, which makes the relationship between Google and Huawei back to normal.

Before those talks was the site of Huawei clear about working on an alternative for Android, where said vice president of communications Andrew Williamson told Reuters in June: “Huawei is launching alternative”, adding that it would be ready “in months” in the case of the Prohibition of Huawei’s use of Android is final, as stated by the chief executive of the Department of consumer Richard Yu also earlier this year that Huawei would be willing to use alternatives.

In the end, Keep System Hong-Ming a wave, and it is expected to be officially launched during the conference, Huawei’s next for developers, but it will be special devices other smartphones, not phones!

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