Huawei: the first position in the phone market would need more time

A top executive said on Tuesday: the company Huawei would need more time to become the largest smart phone manufacturer in the world, a goal that was a Chinese company aspiring to achieve in the last quarter of the current year.

These statements came on the tongue (Shao Yang) – the Senior Strategic Group Huawei – through in response to a question not in the Asian version of the CES Asia in Shanghai city of China.

Yang said without explaining the reasons: “we’re going to be the largest in the fourth quarter (of the current year), but we now feel that this process may take longer”. He revealed that Huawei sells is currently between 500,000 and 600,000 a smart phone daily.

Referred to the statements of Yang come after nearly two weeks of declaration of the analysts that Huawei, the imposed US sanctions strict, could see a decline in shipments by up to a quarter, during the current year, has been facing the prospect of the disappearance of its smart phones from international markets.

According to my research, Fubon Research, and Strategy Analytics, the smartphone shipments of Huawei – which is now ranked second in the phone market behind Samsung’s – may fall between 4% and 24% in the year 2019, if continued a ban.

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Many experts said they expect lower shipments of Huawei smartphones in the next six months, and after that the Prevention of the US Department of Commerce the Chinese company from buying US goods last week; amid the escalating dispute with China.


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