Huawei: the impact of trade restrictions on the U.S. fears

The company said Huawei Technology of China to today’s smart phones, everyone: the business activity is less affected by the restrictions of American business which the company was afraid in the beginning, and it is completely ready to work and live with U.S. sanctions for a long time to come, according to what reported by Reuters.

This was the message that was sent to journalists at the event, held at the headquarters of the company, but she wasn’t there, of course, the public the real situation, but the administration of US President Donald Trump, in light of the continuing battle between the parties.

Influenced by the work of the Huawei’s $ 100 million strongly since mid-May after that put Washington, the second largest for smartphones in the world in the list of entities, which threaten to cut off their access to the ingredients and techniques of the American basic.

Said Ren Zheng Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei and CEO of the company, in the first assessment of the impact of the ban in the month of June: the commercial restrictions America would affect the revenue of $ 30 million this year.

While said Eric Xu Eric Xu, deputy chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer, alternately, at a press conference to announce chip artificial intelligence new: the impact will not reach the levels that were feared, and we have to wait until the release of our financial results in the month of March.

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“The grace period is for 90 days no value for the purchase of Huawei, has been used to live and work under the list of entities, we are ready to live and work in such a position for a long time”.

And the US Department of Commerce this week to extend the grace period for 90 days, allowing Huawei’s purchase of American companies to supply existing customers.

Also moved the administration at the same time to add the 46 company Huawei’s subsidiary to its blacklist of the economy, making the current restrictions more difficult to handle.

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