Huawei: the United States and harm the billions of users

Called Huawei the Chinese the United States to repeal the trade embargo is not legal on the police, claiming that the United States will have billions of consumers around the world.

The comments after that put the government of the United States of Huawei to the list of entities, which means that American companies can’t deal with Huawei that did not have the special license.

Adopts Chinese technology company, which is the largest manufacturer of communications equipment in the world and the second largest company for the manufacture of smart phones, highly dependent on American companies, such as Google and Microsoft, to build their equipment.

Song said The Long Song Liuping, Chief Legal Officer at Huawei, during a press conference held in Shenzhen, China: uses of politicians in the United States all their power to prosecute the abuse of a private company, this is not normal.

Presented Huawei’s request for a court injunction to rush to the court in Plano, Texas requests through it to determine if the item of U.S. military spending that gives the government and its contractors from using equipment of Huawei is a constitutional mandate.

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And the administration of US President Donald Trump that the company can use its equipment to spy on behalf of the Chinese government, and therefore they are a threat to cyber security international.

Song said: this decision may cause the weary to our customers in more than 170 countries, including more than 3 billion client using Huawei’s products and services all over the world, explaining that the campaign launched by the U.S. government against the company will not improve cyber security.

The company raised a lawsuit in March against the National Defence Act, the US, describing it as “a bill to confiscate property”, and it is equivalent to Huawei selectively, and violated the legal process by assuming they are guilty without a fair trial.

Considers challenges against Huawei, a part of the broader trade between the two largest economies in the world, where the imposition of the two sides billions of dollars of tariffs on the products of each other.

Focuses the disagreement on the large trade surplus of China with the United States, and complaints that Beijing and Chinese companies used tactics not just to get the technique of foreign advanced.

Ended the last round of negotiations between Beijing and Washington without an agreement, and after that increased Trump duties on Chinese imports, has responded to China’s lifting of tariffs from 5 percent to 25 percent on US goods worth $ 60 million.

Google said: she will continue to support the current smart phones from Huawei, but future devices will not protect their applications and services, including Google Maps, C Download, and search, a change is likely to make Huawei phones less attractive.

Song said: the United States did not provide any evidence to prove that Huawei represents a threat to security, nothing but speculation, accusing the United States of creating a dangerous precedent.


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