Huawei to develop its own digital to launch it outside China

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Currently, digital assistant, a subsidiary of Huawei is available only in China with the knowledge that can only be reached through smart speaker for Huawei AI Cube or smart phones of the company, but Huawei has big plans for the digital assistant. In an interview with CNBC, said the CEO of Huawei, Mr. Richard Yu to the company’s plans to launch her digital out of the country without specifying the language that will be.

Used Huawei digital assistant Google account or Amazon’s Alexa at the products that you sell outside of China knew that the Huawei AI Speaker is the newest product of Huawei, up to the market with a digital assistant company. Says Mr. Richard Yu to the company Huawei will continue its partnership with Google and Amazon to move forward.

So perhaps the company will continue to Huawei create their products with the digital assistant of its own to the side of these devices with helpers Digital Google Assistant, and the Amazon Alexa.



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