Huawei to respond formally to the problem of removing the photo Twitter mysteriously

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

He lived a number of users some confusion on the social network Reddit when they’re starting to see some unusual behavior using the Twitter application on the phones Huawei smart their own. The app was based on what it looks like to delete the images immediately after the user saved on the device using a Twitter application.

After saving the image, users see a message from ” Huawei System Services ” which provide for ” delete Twitter picture from the gallery “. This has led to an uproar on the internet led many to believe that Huawei is working on to prevent users from accidentally save images from Twitter using one of the features hidden in the operating system. Thus, this has pushed Huawei to issue a statement about this behavior and why this occurs.

After that the company has made Huawei the problem, I found out that when users of specific devices analysis of the image using certain versions of the application to Twitter (version 7.78.0 and 7.77.0), the application will automatically create a folder with the same image name and delete them in the background immediately. This causes the procedure to run the alert protection built-in audio phones and Huawei, leading to to notify the user. However, pictures are not affected. Users can find their photos in the following place : File Manager / picture / Twitter.

This seems like a bug more than anything else, but it is unclear whether Twitter need to fix release or if it depends on both Twitter and Huawei cooperation to solve the problem at hand.

” Experience Huawei is currently in talks with the company Twitter to resolve this problem as soon as possible. Remain Huawei is committed to providing the best experiences for users “.

Pictures are not deleted already, according to the statement. It was so relationship the way that works by the gallery and the way they interact app Twitter with a photo behind the scenes during the drilling process. It just turns out that the interface EMUI wasn’t aware of what he was doing App.


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