Huawei told what smartphones will update to Android Q in the first place

Huawei is certainly one of the most significant players in the smartphone market, but the company has never been famous for quickness when you upgrade branded devices. Moreover, there are cases when the Chinese refused to update even flagship devices, which relied on the status of at least one new version of Android. But this year, Huawei intends to change this situation by accelerating the adaptation of Q Android for their smartphones.

According to official representatives of Huawei, the company expects to release the Android Q for parts brand smartphones almost immediately after the update will get line Google Pixel. However, considering the expanded model range Huawei, to expect that this early access to the update will receive all the devices that have the right to claim him, definitely not.

The Huawei smartphones that will get Android Q

In the first wave of Android distribution Q will consist of less than a dozen smartphones smartphones.

  • Huawei P30/P30 Pro/Lite P30;
  • Huawei Mate 20/20 Pro Mate/Mate Lite 20;
  • Honor View 20
  • Honor Magic 2

We should not exclude that at the time of the release of Android Q a list of Huawei smartphones that will receive the update in the first wave may increase, but so far no such information.

When will the Android Q

The release of the Android Q is likely to be held in late August. This means that, logically, the smartphone Huawei will get it in September. The update will be released at part of a firm shell EMUI number 10.0.

In my personal opinion, early upgrade smartphone third-party brands to from year to year makes less sense. The fact that many manufacturers build into the shell of their devices to a broader set of functions that appear in the stock version of Android only years later. That only is night mode, which many manufacturers have added a year ago, or mode of control of attention that existed in the firmware of some devices 7 years ago.

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