Huawei tried Design Galaxy Fuld before the design of the dead X

Over the past few days, we saw Samsung and Huawei reveals about their phones bendy design differentiated, and in the shadow of the debate about the preference of the design of one over the other, the president of Huawei and his opinion on the subject.

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Comes with the Huawei dead X screen one flexible measure 8-inch in tablet mode, can bend it out to put the phone.

Dead X

Comes phone Galaxy Fuld flat front small to put the phone, and when you open the device book turns to put the tablet, that tucks inside and not the outside.

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In an interview with Business Insider, the said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, that the company has developed a prototype for a foldaway bed design looks like Galaxy Fuld, but they chose not to pursue the development because it is “not good”.

He added, “I feel that the campaign screen, front and rear, makes the phone heavy” and”that Huawei tried three solutions, and they cancelled the model a second better than that made by Samsung”.

Also interesting that Kate Beaumont, product manager for Samsung, said that the company experimented with the design of the crease out but she preferred the crease inside for two things: Protection of the big screen and it requires bending to a lesser degree.

Says Frank Gillett, analyst, Forrester Research “that the design of the dead X looks more modern at first glance thanks to the big screen and discover small to put a phone and tablet” but also pointed to the possibility of causing bending-out in the stress screen fast, compared to the design of Galaxy Fuld.

In the meantime, no one’s had the experience of the two phones in the image of the product, and therefore can not recognize the world based on the experience of the prototypes, whether the ruling official Huawei or Samsung official, with the passage of time and experience phones, we can be seen on phones.

Anyway, it will be the first generation phones bendy in not within the reach of the general consumer with the price starts from 1980$ (7,425 SR) for the case bore and to$ 2,600 (gross tonnage of 9,750 SR) for a dead X.

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