Huawei trolls again. But why?

A few days ago, antitrust authorities in Italy (AGCM) has fined Apple for 10 million euros, and Samsung for 5 million Cause of penalties are supposedly slowing down smartphones. As reported by colleagues from Kommersant, AGCM believe that this practice stimulated the consumer to buy a new model. AGCM published a detailed report in PDF format with charts in the Italian language. However, the claim itself is quite strange.

Initially a mistake to assume that such a complex device like a smartphone, having a complex operating system will continue to work as quickly, smoothly and long. This is impossible due to the fact that every day the performance of the devices in the market grows, increased functionality and software capabilities, this leads to the fact that on older smartphones it will run slower.

Perhaps, for people not versed in the art, it may seem strange, but this is the same as if the user tried to install the update of Windows 10 on computer 2010 and he complained to slower work. The software itself is becoming harder and harder for older devices, and it’s obvious.

On the other hand, it’s obviously not for everyone, so claim AGCM is quite justified. Apple and Samsung should warn users about high power consumption or slower work. In General, the theme is ambiguous.

Now a little about Huawei. The company decided after some time to publish Twitter message that pokes fun at the whole situation.

In truth, it is not clear what the target audience of such tweets, but it seems to me, they look quite cheap and ridiculous. If the company makes the coolest smartphones that sell well, it needs to continue its work, not trying to hurt competitors in this way.

Also strange to notice the problem of the competition when Huawei is accused of embedding chips into various listening devices.

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