Huawei unveils its smart phones that you will get GPU Turbo

The GPU Turbo is a new technology from Huawei is working to enhance the performance of the device by 60% and reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

Revealed Huawei a few weeks ago that she is working on a smartphone dedicated to gaming use to launch it sometime this week, it is supposed to protect your smartphone technology called GPU Turbo improves the GPUs and lowers battery consumption especially when using applications and games that require the use of high capacities.

The first smartphone that I got of this technique is Phone Honor 10 GT , which was unveiled about two weeks ago, but it seems that the Chinese company intends to bring it to more of its smart phones which was launched during the past two years.

And Huawei phones category is expected that you will get the advantage of GPU Turbo can that excels in performance on the flagship phones especially with respect to games and virtual reality applications and augmented reality.

According to the schedule revealed by the Huawei yesterday, the series Mate 10 will be the first smartphones that will get the GPU Turbo by updating the antenna in the month of August next, while will be released to more smartphones between September and November the next two.

هواوي تكشف عن هواتفها الذكية التي ستحصل على تقنيّة GPU Turbo

Is your phone within the list that you will get GPU Turbo? Do you expect improved performance already as is Huawei?


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