Huawei unveils phone Honor 10 officially

Huawei unveiled today the newest amateur of class honor which often see phones category average equipment average prices in accessible unless this phone comes equipped a strong rival most phones existing in the now, especially Huawei phones itself .

The phone offers most of the advantages found in the phones of the category P as it holds two cameras and double screen FullView page of the new fingerprint and resistant to water and face recognition in addition to fast charging the battery to 50% In only 24 minutes.

Specifications phone Honor 10

  • The screen | size of 5.84 inch accurately +FullHD with a 19:9
  • Processor : eight-core category Kirin 970
  • Memory random : 4/6GB
  • Memory storage : 64/128GB
  • Rear camera : strictly 16/24MP
  • Camera front : strictly 24MP
  • Battery : 3400 MS amp supports fast charging
  • System : Android oreo interface with Huawei’s new EMUI 8.1

Will be available to the phone during the month of May in many countries of the world including the Gulf states and the Middle East and about 400 euros.


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