Huawei unveils phone its new P20 P20 Pro

Revealed group of Huawei consumer business Huawei has unveiled my phone HUAWEI P20 Huawei P20 Pro who long desired by customers and consumers, and so during a special launch was held yesterday at the Grand Palais in the French capital Paris.

Can phone HUAWEI P20 Pro the first camera in the world company ’Leica‘ Leica; this includes both devices the potential of advanced and unprecedented in terms of artificial intelligence, through a combination of technology and art bring to life the experience of smart phones.

Has succeeded Huawei in predicting new expectations for consumers on the level of experiences of export in smart phones, through the launch of the device HUAWEI P9, with the first Dual Camera of type ’Leica‘, and through unveiled for the first time on the series phones HUAWEI P20, Aspire Huawei to provide a great experience for all users especially lovers of professional photography who are looking to get bright images and high quality.

On this occasion, the said Mr. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei consumer business: “’re always looking for inspiration from artists, to develop our approach to continuous at the level of design and innovation of our smart phones. The series phones HUAWEI P20 on the legacy of the fruitful cooperation with the company ’Leica‘ specialized industry cameras professional photography. It is through the addition of a camera to three of the great phone the HUAWEI P20 Pro, Dual Camera sophisticated phone HUAWEI P20, besides promoting the potential of artificial intelligence in both, will give consumers the most distinguished of the day provides a valuable opportunity to pick up ride photos and share wonderful moments around them.”

After achieving the highest total score from DxOMark site specialized in testing cameras and smartphones, including series phones HUAWEI P20 on the camera systems smart and sophisticated offer to consumers the advantages of strengthening the various aspects of the experiences of smartphone photography.

The main advantages of the A series phones HUAWEI P20:

  • Camera system developed to capture more light and details accurately with enhanced aesthetic elements; it includes phone HUAWEI P20 Pro camera three of a kind ’Leica‘ can enjoy with the installation of hybrid (up to 5 times); includes phone HUAWEI P20 Dual Camera of type ’Leica‘ also.
  • The advantages of innovative photography, including the potential of a pioneer of artificial intelligence, and distinct supported by artificial intelligence, in addition to advanced technology to install the sound (supported artificial intelligence) from Huawei.
  • Design innovative, creative and without the edges of the almost, the colors of the gradient and a new full;
  • Super performance, based on the ’unit neural processing‘ “NPU” and ’Kirin 970‘ super power, in addition to the user interface automatic new EMUI 8.1 which are compatible with the operating system ’Android 8,1‘, so as to ensure the user experience smooth and great.

Besides, revealed Huawei also unveils a racing version of the Sports of the phone ’Porsche Design Huawei mate RSS‘, which has a fantastic design of the company ’Porsche Design‘, which embodies the continuation of the fruitful cooperation between both brands. The phone’s practical design uniquely reflects the distinction the designs of Porsche and the auto standby and leading Huawei.

A great combination of art and technology for lovers of elegance

Featuring series phones HUAWEI P20 design, the sleek beauty and a remarkable eye-catching, especially my phone HUAWEI P20 Huawei P20 Pro, which is available walls with new colors and fashionable exclusive: ’twilight‘ and ‘ gold‘ pink, which have been obtained through the use of multiple layers of paint, visual of through the installation of several layers of material NVMC under the protection glass. This helps the reflection of the incoming light to the surface of the device and generate the effect of color is low and racy. Is available phone HUAWEI P20 Huawei P20 Pro black and blue‘ blue.

Equipped phone HUAWEI P20 Pro screen LED display for 5.8 s; and buys the phone HUAWEI P20 Pro on display 6.1 c, the two spans also focus to design with the edges very thin, Add to the great proportion between the size of the display area and the world, which ensures they get the experiences of sharing best follow more information on the screen, whether it be for reading or playing. And boast a full screen slideshow seamlessly with the rounded edges, allowing to carry the device with ease.

Device based on the latest The advantages of light and advanced technology; a stunning design for lovers of professional photography

Reflect series phones HUAWEI P20 art collective the light, so that the camera is equipped with attributes enhance the experience of smartphone photography. Features phone HUAWEI P20 Pro camera three of a kind ’Leica‘ provide the highest level of precision in terms of the number of pixels in Smartphone cameras available in the market today. And feature camera strictly 40-megapixel sensor with primary colors RGB, sensor monochromatic accurately 20-megapixel camera, as well as the sensor, another 8-megapixel, in addition to telephoto lens.And also supplied the camera sensor for the color temperature with a view to re-enhance the picture quality better. Features Camera System the triple on phone HUAWEI P20 Pro with wide currency (measured: f/1.8, F/1.6, and F/2.4), in order to capture all the details accurately and clearly, as suspected of the lens of the new whole of the ’Leica‘ has the ability to zoom up to 3 times (VARIO-SUMMILUX-H 1:1.6-2.4/27-80ASPH), allowing export to a large extent, not to mention the advantage of rounding the hybrid (even 5 times). Besides, the phone has HUAWEI P20 Pro sensor for high sensitivity, which captures images in low lighting conditions with an accuracy of up to ISO 102400.

Wearing phone HUAWEI P20 on the potential of the previous one; it is equipped with ’Leica‘ Double feature lens 12 accurately megapixels with pixel size the capacity of 1.55 micrometers, the lens of the monochrome accurately 20-megapixel camera, which enhances the ability of this phone to capture high quality images in low light conditions.

Supported phones HUAWEI P20 system hexagonal axles to install the visual images, with the possibility to export cascading very slow resolution of up to 960 frames per second, which is a higher resolution by 4 times compared with the standard $ 240 frames per second, which allows the monitoring of details that can’t be seen with the naked eye. When choosing a property photography rapid (Ultra Snapshot), the phone can capture an image in less than 0.3 seconds as soon as you press twice on the Volume Down button, even when the screen is in Idle mode.

The experience of photography fun for everyone, drawing on the potential of artificial intelligence

By relying on processor ’Kirin 970,‘ says series phones HUAWEI P20 automatically select more than 500 scenario optical under 19 category, the selection of shooting modes and camera settings appropriate for assessing the wonderful pictures and professional even by novice designers.

In addition, the ’install images‘ (AIS) installed for night shots ensure Image High Definition, accuracy and with enough light without using a tripod. Represent the technique of predictive focus four-dimensional one of the advantages of the new system of cameras and advanced imaging of Huawei. When using this property, predicts camera things and moving objects and focus on them with high efficiency to capture minute details. In addition, features series phones HUAWEI P20 patterns ready supported by artificial intelligence, which offer intelligent suggestions for arranging and coordinating the shots of groups and landscapes.

On the other hand, buys a phone for HUAWEI P20 Huawei P20 Pro custom camera selfies accurately 24 megapixel with the characteristic of enhancing the natural beauty of the supported artificial intelligence, and three-dimensional lighting for one’s personal health (porter), which ensures the production of selfies with amendments to the diverse and vibrant skin, the details of the minutes for the face, as well as improvements in realistic three-dimensional.

In addition, the help system computing innovative HiAI of Huawei in enhancing the experience of using a variety of applications. For example, the A series phones HUAWEI P20 on its own version of application image processing ’Prisma‘ Prisma, which supports the recommendations of the refining in real-time based on the nature of the scene, as well as the expanse of field in front of the identified objects, where the speed is calculated that 3 to 4 times the speed offered by the version of this app based on Cloud Platform.

Through cooperation with the company ’Google‘, the series phones HUAWEI P20 has now become the platform supports augmented reality ARCore of the ’Google‘ Google, which provides the potential for a very advanced level of artificial intelligence.

Fruitful cooperation between Huawei and design‘ to provide a whole new level of luxury and advanced technology

Combines phone ’Porsche Design Huawei mate RSS‘ between the elements of the collective brand ’Porsche Design‘ luxury, expertise, Huawei’s leading engineering once the mobile devices, and through the fruitful cooperation establishes entirely new standards in the world of smart phones a luxury. This phone’s camera three of a kind ’Leica‘ provide the highest level of precision in terms of the number of pixels in Smartphone cameras available in the market today. And feature camera strictly 40-megapixel sensor with primary colors RGB, sensor monochromatic accurately 20-megapixel camera, as well as the sensor, another 8-megapixel, in addition to telephoto lens.

As this device is the first smart phone in the world with technology (PCM) for cooling air, which keep the temperature at safe levels.The phone also has a sensor finger-print within the screen, which allows consumers to alert the device by moving the item above the screen; note that they can touch the sensor to unlock the device very quickly.Can also use the fingerprint sensor the back to unlock the device or access to a safe distance again. On the other hand, works the phone screen display type OLED (4K quality) measure 6 inches, available in black, as well as a red neat for the first time.

On the other hand, supports the new phones feature fast charging bus to the certificate of authority of company ’t-day‘. The phone HUAWEI P20 Pro وPORSCHE DESIGN for HUAWEI Mate RS battery can 4000 mAh courier, in a working phone HUAWEI P20 battery can 3400 mA courier, as well as a balance management system consumption of battery-backed artificial intelligence.The device PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate RS the first smart phone from Huawei called feature fast wireless charging.

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