Huawei unveils phones nova 5 Nova 5 Pro and also nova 5i

Announced the Chinese giant Huawei at its conference recently held in China series phones available nova 5 which comes with the level of pricing starts from $ 290 with exclusive range of specifications.

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Phone nova 5 Pro

Is the version featured in the series nova 5 this year, as estimated from the Huawei screen OLED with a unique range of choices in Colors, features of the sensor footprint on the screen.

And slide phone nova 5 Pro screen characteristic size of 6.39 inches with a quality display of Full HD Plus, as the phone comprises a protrusion diameter at the top, with full control of Silva special sensor accurately and 32 mega pixel camera.

Features phone nova 5 Pro Settings quad in cable car rear sensor with a key strictly 48 mega pixel camera, and a secondary accurately 16 mega pixel camera with wide viewing angle, sensor, 2-megapixel depth of imaging to the side of the sensor macro accurately 2 mega pixel camera.

Phone nova 5 Pro comes with a microchip processor Kirin 980, with a ram of 8 GB RAM, the storage capacity of 128 GB or 256 GB, and also provides Huawei with this release technology rapid charging with the charger the capacity of 40W, a battery capacity of 4000 mAh.

It is planned to apply version possible memory random 8 GB RAM and storage capacity of 128 GB priced at $ 435, while model representative of the memory 8 and storage capacity of 256 GB at a price of $ 500, where the phone is available now for pre-booking at to begin shipping on the 28th of June.

Phone nova 5

The first version of Huawei applies chip processor Kirin 810 which comes with two cores Cortex-A76 at a speed of 2.27 GHz, with 6 cores Cortex-A55 at a speed of 1.88 GHz with Realtek screen Mali-G52 MP6.

This version also screen OLED distinctive built women diameter, it also comes with the same specifications as possible for nova 5 Pro camera front and rear, but this version applies the model of one distinct memory random 8 GB RAM capacity of 128 GB at a price of $ 435.

Phone nova 5i

This applies to the version with the chip processor Kirin 710, it features a design of screen hole, with sensor fingerprint in the background, it also comes settings a quartet for car rear sensor with a key strictly 24 megapixel, sensor 8 mega pixel camera featured with wide angle view, the sensor is a 2 mega pixel camera depth photography, 2 mega pixel camera with lenses macro.

Is available phone nova 5i in two models comes the first memory random 6 GB RAM with a storage capacity of 128 GB, while the second model memory of 8 is MB RAM with storage capacity of 128 GB.

Also, the phone’s nova 5i battery capacity of 4000 mAh is also the same characteristic capacity for other versions of phones nova 5, except that Huawei provide this version with fast charging technology with charger 18W is available this version with three choices in colors are black, red along with blue at the price of $ 290 for the main form and 320 dollars for the top model, that starts charging the phone during almost a week.


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