Huawei unveils the specification of the hours Watch GT TV Vision

After the announcement of the phones Mate 30, revealed Huawei for its Smart Watch GT 2 then TV Vision, which had been provided under the sign of Honor in China.

Hours Huawei New

Come hours Watch GT 2 glass design three-dimensional comparison of 42 and 46 mm, that features the biggest screen for 1.39 inch high resolution 454 x 454 pixels.

Perhaps the highlight of the Watch GT 2 is a processor Kirin A1 that comes with the processing unit Bluetooth “more sophisticated” unit processing the voice “powerful” and the need to reduce energy consumption to the degrees of “very low” on the limit description Huawei, additional unit dedicated to energy management.

Huawei is no longer at its own undesirable in the device wearable, it is that previous components designed to reduce battery consumption to a minimum; the time Watch GT 2 for a period ranging between a week and even two full weeks between the moderate use of Light, The did modem sport that uses the GPS feature all the time, scheduled to last an hour Huawei of between 15 to 30 hours.

Add features modem sport is capable of tracking 15 active athlete is different, enjoy Watch GT 2 advantage healthy also, including heart rate monitoring and sleep quality. But it does not support the feature of ECG ECG existing in the hour of the fourth and fifth generation of the Apple Watch are able to discover serious diseases.

And speaking of the differences between the Huawei Watch. Apple, do not come hours Watch GT 2 with the support bar connection separately, thus, can make voice calls via the Bluetooth connection between the phone only, which supports a distance of 150 meters.

Of course, lack that feature strong due to the large difference in price, where it will be available hours Huawei at a price ranging between 200 and 250$ the beginning of October.

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TV Huawei smartphone

Revealed Huawei officially unveiled the TV Vision to the dialogue of minutes and technical support 4K, the refresh rate of 120 Hz, in addition to the capabilities of artificial intelligence to determine the display colors, to be available in 55 and 65-inch and 75-inch.

Supports TV surround sound system thanks to the 8 headphones. Also thanks to the operating system of harmony developed by Huawei itself, it will enable the control devices of the smart home and related with the remote or voice commands, including sending and receiving files between smartphones without the need for a connection wire.

The remote will enable charging via USB cable-C with touch-panel facilitates a lot of control. Enjoy TV Vision front camera popup is able to identify the user, thanks to the artificial intelligence will enable the addition of color filters, to fit the width of the viewers are young people.

Huawei plans to launch the TV Vision in many countries worldwide, but currently there is no information on the date of the distribution or the price or markets that aim to target Huawei.

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