Huawei unveils three phones of the series Mate 30 officially

Huawei unveiled on the phones three series of the Mate 30 the leader in the events established in the German capital Berlin.

Series Huawei Mate 30

Huawei unveiled officially after a long wait and a lot of talk about series phones Mate 30 – dead 30, which came in three different versions; the regular version, and Mate 30 Pro, in addition to the usual rate design Porsche Mate 30RS Porsche Design.

The downloaded phones the latest processing chip Kirin 990 and the latest techniques and findings especially in the field of the camera in conjunction with Leica.

Feature processing chip Kirin 990 that comes with a chip connection for the V-compact with him for the first time and 7 nm which were made by the previous generation, in Huawei it download also the first graphics processor Mali-G76 16 kernel, the first Processing Unit double reduce noise in the video, the first processing unit of Health BM3D which make the sound level image DSLR cameras.

And Kirin 990 better overall performance by 23% with a power efficiency of 23% also, the graphics processing better 39% with a power efficiency of 32%, as well as addressing neurological 460% with a power efficiency of 290%.

Also supports devices Mate 30 the use of smart pen towards the MG from Huawei similar to its counterpart Samsung with the Note series.

Huawei phones download 6 colors and 4 regular people are the silver, green, pink, black, besides orange and green look the same shade of the skin.

Dead 30 – Mate 30

The device has the presence of the screen measure 6.62 inches, as it is characterized by the presence sensor of the camera 40 mega pixels you Huawei that is capable of introducing the light from any convenient phone of other companies, where the light sensor 137% more than the iPhone 11 Pro Max new.

Speaking about the details of the camera, he holds the camera and three of the plan; wide lens very accurately 16 megapixel and shutter f/2.2, the lens high sensitivity wide accurately 40 megapixels and shutter of f/1.8, the lens tele photo accurately 8 mega pixels with auto focus, as well as laser flash helps to capture images at a higher concentration than the former, and the possibility of rounding up to 45 times.

The front camera is Strictly Come 24 mega pixels to offer a shooting experience better with the light sensor, bump smaller than the previous.

This phone supports charging technology Dual Wireless as well as wireless charging technology rapid strongly 27 watts, and wired fast 40 watts.

Comes phone Mate 30 at a price of 799 euros, and brings with it the internal storage space of 256 GB with a ram of 8 GB.

This handset also comes with a version that supports the 5G, but the police didn’t know about the capacity and price until now.

Dead 30 Pro – Mate 30 Pro

Came this phone with curved screen study 88 value 6.53-type OLED and clarity of 2400×1176 pixels and comes with dimensions 18.4:9, has been launched by the company name of the Horizon Display, where enjoyed by DCL – 3 HDR. In front of the phone in dotted extrusion top next to the camera, which amount, accuracy, 32 mega pixels, 4 sensors include a sensor gestures remote, sensor light, sensor 3D Depth.

The phone comes with a camera three in the back; the lens accurately 40 mega pixels wide Jeddah with Cine Camera with aperture shutter f/1.8, the lens high sensitivity wide accurately 40 mega pixels also, the lens tele photo accurately 8 mega pixels, in addition to the light sensor 3D Depth capture high-resolution images in various conditions. And can the camera zoom 45 times.

The phone has a sensor light for the rear camera for the first time, thanks to the sensor 40 mega pixels RGGB sensor RYYB the same accuracy.

The technique has a Cine Camera the possibility of capturing 4K video at 60 FPS, Tai dressed 4K HDR+, the video of the ordinary at the rate of 7680 FPS, which is the largest number ever from any other phone, especially since the Galaxy S10 Nokia 10 offering 960 fps. It also allows this technique using the insulation during the filming of the video.

The device supports fast charging technology strongly 40 watts, and fast wireless strongly 27 watts, as well as a dual charging for Huawei devices.

Brings the device version supports the largest number of technologies of the fifth generation, as well as the possibility of adding a partner to my connection with this technology phones at the same time.

Where comes the Mate 30 Pro the fifth generation at the price of 1,199 euros the storage capacity of the Internal 512 GB next to the RAM memory of 12 GB.

While Mate 30 Pro by regular with a storage capacity of 256 GB and memory RAM with a capacity of 8 GB, and is priced at 1,099 euros.

Dead 30RS design Porsche – Mate 30RS Porsche Design

As is customary with the series dead of Huawei in each year, has announced this time is also on the deluxe version of the design of Porsche, where the phone comes back from the meeting with a very beautiful design accessories back belt-shaped design allows for the phone to open it and close it how he likes to hold his phone.

These women come with features similar to the Pro version, but at the same time afford a 512 GB memory 12 GB.

There is no release date specified!

It should be noted that Huawei has not officially announced the launch date of its phones, as it is confirmed not to contain Google apps.

Therefore, it is expected to release phones running based on the Android platform 10 in China even solve the problem of the embargo the U.S. imposed on it.

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