Huawei unveils TV Vision supports 4K and many important smart

هواوي تكشف عن Vision TV بدعم دقة 4K والعديد من المهام الذكية

Huawei unveiled during its conference scheduled today in the German capital Berlin on your TV Huawei Vision supported by several tools, artificial intelligence supports a resolution of 4K.

Where does the TV work and the new system of harmony, entirely new private network, thus Huawei has increased the effectiveness of the market in the TV industry where he had already launched the TV its brand Honor the Vision offends the Vision Pro last year.

Specifications Huawei Vision TV

Have TV the edges of the perimeter of the tight and protects the camera popup at the top can be used during the conduct video chats or meetings for the company they are Quantum Dot 4K offers the points of colors are very high with the refresh rate up here, the measurement will be the Huawei TV led 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch.

In have Huawei Vision TV sound system 5.1 surround eight headphones amplifiers audio offer the best audio format for the consumer.

It is important features provided by the television is the limit of the blue rays are harmful and filter it through the tool AI-Eye, providing protection for the class most susceptible to this damage than young children.

As that Vision TV can play the role of the voice assistant, my home is a large screen as it supports voice commands and facial recognition via the camera’s pop-up, as well as makes connecting to other devices, phones, Huawei is a private display of visual content through its.

As for right now it seems the design is simple and effective where it has also a touch pad next to the buttons, and in my part of the lower pact of the link asset that is cross-linking the TV with the Huawei phones with ease, as it is charged via USB port of Type C.

Price awareness in the market

And she didn’t scream Huawei about the price of the TV is new, not even for materials which will be available in the consumer market, with the expectation that the limited launch of television in China in the next phase.

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