Huawei unveils TV Vision TV 4K and operating system Harmony OS

Revealed the Chinese giant Huawei Today TV Vision TV 4K and operating system Harmony OS, which is available two models the size of a 65 inch and 75 inch at the beginning, that launches other models later, the size of 55-inch and 85-inch.

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Comes TV Huawei technology quantum dot in the colors, it also features a metal frame slim, featuring the full control pop-up for video calls, or video conference also, which penetrate inside your TV when not in use.

It relates to TV Huawei Vision TV running its new Harmony OS, which supports communication with Smart House, supports platform HiLink, as the device comes with artificial intelligence, and the speakers intelligent and support the take voice commands, the device also comes with facial recognition and the ability to track the user’s face.

Device Vision TV comes to style particular to protect children’s eyes by filtering out blue light emitted from the screen, also comes the remote control device touch pad also supports charging via a USB port C.


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