Huawei: US ban reduced our revenue of $ 10 billion

Company expects Huawei to decrease the proceeds of the consumer business by $ 10 billion at least this year because of the U.S. embargo, which prevents the power of technology to the Chinese from buying American components are important, including the semiconductor, according to the newspaper Financial Times.

And the United States on Monday, wait another 90 days to allow for American technology, such as Google, to continue selling products that do not pose a threat to the national security of Huawei.

Description of Huawei yesterday everyone, this is the time limit that it does not make sense, she said, the company and its employees are fully prepared to live and work in the foreseeable future pursuant to restrictions prohibiting U.S. companies from selling to Huawei without a license.

Said Eric Xu Eric Xu, deputy chairman of the board of Directors of the company, in the event provided in the company’s chip new artificial intelligence (Ascend 910): we believe it is unlikely to relieve this situation on Huawei in any time soon.

This declaration as the latest attempt by China telecom giant to reduce its dependence on US technology and demonstrate the power of technology.

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The company revealed earlier this month for its system operating for its computers, and organs of the smartphone, which said: it may provide the company an alternative for the Android system from Google.

It is supposed to integrate the chip (Ascend 910), designed to deal with huge amounts of data used in the creation of artificial intelligence algorithms, in a wide range of products of the company, including cloud services and 5G basic.

The company said: she doesn’t think to ask Chip (Ascend 910) directly in the market, said Eric Xu: enjoy the chip capacity calculation is greater than any wizard artificial intelligence else in the world.

Indicated Huawei’s ban from the US Department of Commerce means that you can not use the Synopsys (Synopsys), the world’s largest supplier of tools for the design of the chip, or Cadi courts (Cadence), a provider of design tools another based in the United States.

We must instead search for an alternative program to design the chip for the chip (Ascend 910), and is supposed to compete this chip with the graphics processing unit (GPU) from Nvidia; and processing of Tensor named (TPU) from Google.

Said Eric Xu: weren’t there ten years ago, tools for the design of the chip available, but the industry is still design chips, and Intel to the CPU in the Seventies when it wasn’t those companies exist.

And stop designed the chips to the British (Arm) on the licensing of the core technology of Huawei, however, has explained Eric Xu to license (ARMv8) permanent to Huawei means that the chip (Ascend 910) will not be affected by the change.

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