Huawei waiting on Samsung and suits for patent infringement


Won Huawei claiming patent infringement against her South Korean rival Samsung on Thursday, according to information released by the Chinese court.

The Court ruled in favor of the Chinese company on two patents that involve the technology of the fourth generation of the phone, the judge ordered Samsung Electronics to immediately stop the sale or manufacture of products using the technology and pay the court fee, and did not mention government models specific phones.

Recall that the decision of the Shenzhen intermediate Court is the latest in a series of disputes about patent among makers of smartphones and Asians who have filed lawsuits against each other in the United States and China in recent years.

The court said it ruled in favor of Huawei after it found that Samsung was late in the sly about the negotiations that began in July 2011.Samsung said in a statement it would carefully review the court’s decision and appropriate responses.

Comes victory legal to buy Huawei days after their exposure to a setback in its efforts to expand sales in the United States.

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