Huawei want the inconvenience of Samsung this phone

In order to achieve full screen in a smartphone, the manufacturers of the adoption of the protrusion of the screen (the notes) to the young flukes. I mean, the police full here that have the full after masking all the edges of the screen which was to ensure the sensors are different, so come screen Galaxy A8s also come screen Onur view 20 hole featuring a front camera, as the development of the Samsung screen are the front camera to the bottom.

Wouldn’t be the screen flukes is a feature Onur view 20 unique, where it seems that the brand of Huawei will be the first camera 48 maps in the back of the smartphone, unless preceded by Shawty.

Yeah after that came the P20 Pro and 20 Pro Camera 4 maps will come Onur view 20 camera Sony IMX586 capable of merging every 4 pixels into one to take pictures of 12 maps collected details of light and shadows and the elements of the scene in an unprecedented manner thanks to the size of the pixels of 1.6 micrometers, although the camera is large (the size of 1/2 of an inch) to accurately depict the 48 maps, but the size of pixels 0.8 micros.

Run View 20 Wizard Kirin 980 May 7 nm accompanied by a network of nervous to meet enhanced export feature, high dynamic, low self-honor that the camera with the processor able to produce images of the convergence of the results of the reflex camera single lens, and posted some audio samples as evidence.

“Read also the first audio samples of the official camera 48 maps phone Onur

Interesting to Onur confident of the capabilities of the camera accurately 48 maps so that the phone view 20 will come back with again, no camera close and camera wide-angle, just new camera.

Finally we wait for the official announcement of the Honor View 20 on December 26 to begin to expand internationally on 22 January after being announced in Paris.

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